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Spanish House Plans

Posted on April 19, 2017 by Administrator in News

Spanish House Plans

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Built for warm climates, the Spanish style house plan is designed with thick walls that naturally cool the structure’s interior. Inspired by the architecture found among Spanish colonies in North America and Central America, they feature heavy ornamentation with an Old World influence.

More lavish than similar Santa Fe and Southwestern styles, the Spanish style embraces expansive floor plans with highly decorative exteriors that feature patterned tiles and wrought-iron window and door hardware. It’s all about the ornamentation!

Common in Florida, California, Arizona, Mexico, Texas, and the desert-rich southwest, the Spanish style was originally a grandiose design, but modern architecture has downsized the extravagance to suit single homeowner and small family constructions. Now you’ll find a diverse selection of Spanish style homes with varying degrees of influence. Some Spanish style house plans feature a subtle cultural influence while others dive headfirst into its exotic charm. These days, there is enough variations to appeal to even the pickiest of tastes!

The Features of Spanish Style Houses

There are certain traits that string across most Spanish house plans. Some feature all of the details listed below while others choose a subtle approach, incorporating two or three to give a modern theme that hint of a Spanish influence. There are no set of rules that determine what must or must not be featured in a Spanish style home design, so long as it utilizes some form of influence.

The features of the Spanish style home include:

  • Thick walls to insulate the home and keep it cool
  • Low-pitched tile roofs
  • Stucco exterior
  • Small balconies
  • Heavy exterior and interior ornamentation
  • Expansive floor plans
  • Arched entryways
  • Wrought-Iron hardware
  • Turrets
  • Towers
  • Columns
  • Outdoor living areas, such as lanais or courtyards

Architectural traditions pulled from both Spanish and Moorish origins, you may also find carved columns and ornate woodwork on window shutters and doors. These homes are often built with a floor plan designed for entertaining guests through large living areas and lanais or outdoor courtyards as well.

How to Purchase a Spanish House Plan on Distinctive House Plans’ Website

When it comes to shopping for Spanish house plans and making a purchase, Distinctive House Plans makes it easy. Simply click the available button to start browsing our selection. We have a great catalogue full of various designs to choose from! Each has its own style, level of influence, and character.
When you’re ready to make your purchase, give our office a call during business hours at 800-620-6370. Our knowledgeable and professional staff will be happy to assist you with the purchasing process. You can also follow our simple 6-step buying process. We’ll provide you with the plans you need to bring your dream home to life.
Find yourself with questions that need answers before you buy? No problem! We make finding answers easy. Reach out to our staff directly to discuss any modification procedures or special needs that may be required. We’ll provide a swift response so that you can get your project moving.
Until then, we invite you to explore Distinctive House Plans, and all the beautiful designs we have to offer. With so many selections available at a fraction of the price it takes to get a custom home design, we help make your next slice of paradise affordable!

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