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What are Ranch House Plans

Posted on March 8, 2017 by Administrator in News

What are Ranch House Plans

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Often humble in its design and cost, Ranch style house plans are perfect for new families or first time home builders. These one-story homes are known for having a floor plan that is both long and wide, offering space without the need for additional upper and lower floors.

While some Ranch homes have a basement, the rest of the home can be found upon the same level, which is typically divided into two wings: one for living spaces and the other for sleeping quarters and bathrooms. The kitchen is often adjacent to the living room, making serving easy, and the rooms are often open, allowing each living space to blend seamlessly into one another.

Ranch styles that deviate from this design are often called “split-level” homes.

These houses also tend to favor patio spaces for summer barbecues and outdoor living. They are also great for older homebuyers looking to “age in place.”

The Popularity of Ranch Style Homes

Ranch house plans are very popular. In fact, they can be found all throughout the United States, as well as Canada. Originating from the 1930’s, they started in California. They became highly desirable after World War II and well into the 60’s.

It was heavily influenced by economic factors and were embraced by what we know today as the senior population and “baby boomers.” However, it isn’t at all outdated. Now considered a “retro” design, it has both evolved and continued in its desirability by new buyers as well.

Although Ranch homes started with humble beginnings, that doesn’t mean you can’t find luxurious versions of this charming architectural style. Today, Ranch style home plans come in a variety of different forms. Simply view our selection to see for yourself!

Ranch House Plan Features

Although there are various different interpretations and designs, there are certain traits that you will find echoed in most Ranch style homes. Among them include:

  • Single story designs
  • Wide layout
  • Asymmetrical design
  • Box, U, or L-shaped design
  • Hipped or gabled roof
  • Simple open floor plan
  • Attached garage or carport
  • Horizontal orientation
  • Minimal ornamentation

Although these are all typical Ranch home elements, you may discover upon browsing our house plans that Ranch style homes can vary tremendously from one another. Exterior materials and an architectural eye for blending other influential styles or adding new features and design options can really give a house plan its own look and personality.

Explore Our Collection of Ranch House Plan

Below you will find our collection of ranch style house plan that are available for purchase. Take your time to browse through the multiple pages of options. From traditional ranch house plans to more modern designs fused with various other home styles, you’re bound to find a house plan you enjoy.

When you’re ready to buy, simply follow our 6-step purchasing guide or give our office a call at 800-620-6370 between the hours of 8AM and 5PM EST. You can also send your inquiry via e-mail by filling out this form.

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