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Contemporary and Modern House Plans

Posted on March 8, 2017 by Administrator in News

What are Contemporary and Modern House Plans?

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Clean lines. Large glass windows. Very little decor. If you could sum up contemporary and modern house plans in one word, it would be simplicity. It is the driving theme of this style, which entered the architectural scene in the 1950’s and still remains popular today.

These homes are known for having open floor plans and a minimalistic design. Their asymmetrical style draws the eye and they are often decked in oversized windows that let in an abundance of natural light. Inside, you’ll find that contemporary and modern homes have an irregular open floor plans that are as unique as they are clean and sleek.

Each contemporary or modern home can very well capture its own personality and may include outdoor living spaces as part of its design. They are often recognizable by its flat roof and crisp lines.

The Popularity of Contemporary and Modern Homes

Although we call them Contemporary and Modern house plans, these homes are based on designs created between the 1950’s and 1970’s. One of the most recognizable contemporary or modern house designs is the home of The Brady Bunch, a popular 60’s sitcom.

Although clumped together, Contemporary houses and Modern houses are two separate styles. Modern home designs came about in the early-to-mid 20th century. They were built for superior function while neglecting overtly ornamental designs. Instead, it was focused on the essentials.

This kind of approach received mixed reviews. Some loved the lack of distraction within a minimalist environment while others found it to be cold and uninviting. Contemporary came afterward as an adaptation that connected the indoors to its outdoor environment, thus bringing synergy to the home and its property.

These homes are spacious and have character. They also are known to be more friendly toward innovation and energy efficiency, which aligns with its original inclinations toward modern advancement.

The advantage of contemporary and modern homes is that they are built for entertainment. Open floor plans and outdoor settings make an excellent environment for communion with nature, family, and friends.

Contemporary and Modern Home Plan Features

Contemporary and modern house plans are typically recognizable for their:

  • Flat, gabled, or shed roof
  • Simplistic Design
  • Assymmetrical build
  • Open floor plans
  • Oversized Windows
  • Crisp, distinct lines
  • Minimal ornamentation

Keep in mind that although modern and contemporary houses are very similar in what elements they feature, they can vary greatly in appearance. Architects have a lot of creative liberties with these complementing styles. Through the years, they have been fused with other styles to take on new characteristics and designs.

You’ll want to take your time browsing through our pages of options and really explore these differences. We guarantee you’ll find a few that will gravitate to your tastes. When you find a design that you are eager to buy, make sure you follow our 6-step buying process. You can also reach us at 800-620-6370 during our business hours regarding any questions, modification procedures, or special needs.

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