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America’s Best House Plans

Posted on April 27, 2018 by Administrator in house plan

America's best house plans distinctive house plansDo you think pre-designed house plans were all the same? Think again! You don’t have to hire a custom house plan design in order to achieve the home of your dreams. You can find some of America’s best house plans right here on DistinctiveHousePlans.com.

We provide a vast collection of house plans designed by a multitude of talented architects. Our library of designs features both traditional and unique homes inspired by a variety—or culmination—of styles.

America’s Best House Plans for Every Taste and Budget

Whether you’re a modernist that loves clean lines, a CEO looking for a lavish, luxury home, or simply a retiree seeking for the perfect beach bungalow, we have a house plan for you.

Distinctive House Plans has a wide array of styles to choose from, which we organize neatly within our online library. Take a look and see for yourself:



Use our search options at the top to narrow down your selection based on your preferences. You can sort by number of bedrooms, bathrooms, floors, square footage, and type of garage.

Customize a Design to Suit Your Taste

What if you find a design that’s similar to what you want, but you expect more? That’s okay. You’ve come to the right place. Distinctive House Plans offers customization for existing house plans so that you can truly have the home of your dreams.

The great part about this approach is that you can get the features and details you want without the hefty commission price of starting an architectural design from scratch. Simply find a house design that closely resembles the dream you’re looking for, then let us know what you want changed. We’ll take care of the rest.

If there are any limitations or challenges regarding your request, we can make suggestions or provide alternatives to help you achieve the perfect home.

Pretty great, right? If you’re interested in modifications, contact us for a free quote.

Here’s How it Works

Buying a house plan with Distinctive House Plans is pretty straightforward. Purchases are made in 6 easy steps:

  • Step One: Select the plan you want
  • Step Two: Pick your preferred file type and foundation
  • Step Three: Review your purchase and proceed to checkout
  • Step Four: Create an account
  • Step Five: Complete your transaction
  • Step Six: Check your email for the files. If you request modifications, additional time may be required.

That’s it!

Who knew it was so easy to buy a home design online? Yet that is how things work here at Distinctive House Plans. America’s best home designs should be available to those looking to fulfill the American dream.


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