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How to Find the Perfect House Plans Based on Style

Houses are a huge investment. We will spend several thousand to millions of dollars buying a home for ourselves or our family. When such a large sum of money is being put on the table for one purchase, the last thing we want to do is compromise for the sake of a budget. It’s a sentiment that makes many buyers shy away from pre-designed house plans. After all, if we’re going to spend a lot on a house, it should have personality, right? Something that looks and feels like a retreat, not a product off of an assembly line.

But what if we told you that there was a library of breathtaking house plans available for purchase at a fraction of the price it takes to design your own from scratch? As our name suggests, Distinctive House Plans offers a large array of home designs that vary greatly in style, size, and theme. Crafted by talented architects and designers with a flare for creativity and influencing design, architects, construction businesses, and homebuyers can use these plans as-is, or make their own adjustments based on their personal preferences.

But where do you start? It’s easier than you think. Think Amazon shopping, but for houses. Our website is strategically designed to help you browse different home designs based on size, style, price, rooms, and building types. Below you’ll find a cheat sheet for those styles to help you narrow down your search, along with hyperlinks to help you discover the eye-opening selection we have in each category.


If you love Louisiana and its Country French influence, you’ll embrace our Acadian house plans. It became popular during the 19th century and is now common in Canada and America’s southeast. Today’s Acadian designs feature a heavy Creole influence. Sheltered by a steep, gabled roof, it’s designed to endure heavy snowfall and rain by shedding the excess moisture through its sloped design. These homes are often built around a central hallway, with rooms on either side and the kitchen nestled in the back.

Everyone loves the beach and its coastal flavor. It’s a retreat for many that is so enticing, some decide to call it home! Beach, Coastal, and Caribbean house plans are designed to welcome the breezy, ocean air and beautiful landscapes. Some are built to handle high flood zones and sandy shoreline landscapes. These homes are most often recognized for their wide porches and/or stilted or raised design. Homes on stilts are lifted above ground to avoid rising waters. Stilts also makes it easy to build on uneven grounds, such as the steep inclines you find in mountainous regions. However, not all beach, coastal, and Caribbean houses are raised. Many Caribbean styles feature open floor plans, scenic lanais, and a plethora of windows to welcome natural light.

Bungalows are an old style dating back to the late 1600’s. Often humble in size, these cozy home designs are a low cabin, cottage, or house that rarely exceeds 1 to 1 ½ stories. They often feature a wide porch, outdoor spaces, or decks. However, these days they can take on the influence of many other styles, including Spanish, Tudor, Craftsman, Cabin, Cottage, and more.

Cabin Floor Plans
There is a natural charm about the simplicity of a cabin style home. Perfect for holiday getaways, seasonal vacations, or just bringing the pioneering ambiance back to the home, Cabin style floor plans can take on a Log Cabin, Chalets, or Craftsman influence. Bring back the wood and country designs that embrace an indoor/outdoor living style with open porches and kitchens.

Cape Cod
Dating back to the early 1700’s, Cape Cod house plans originated on the east coast as New World settlers expanded their one-room cottage designs into what would become New England’s famous style. Simple and symmetrical, some of the common features include a steep, gable roof, multi-pane, double-hung windows, and dormer windows.

Colonial/Early American
Another early American colony design, Colonial and Early American house plans were influenced by a variety of settlers, including the Spanish, Dutch, French, and English. They typically use wood or brick and may feature columned or pedimented porticoes. Colonials are built around a center stair hall and multi-pane, double-hung windows, with the kitchen located near the back of the home.

Influenced by the minimalist style, Contemporary and Modern house plans are known for their open floor space, minimal decor, and industrial building materials, such as glass, concrete, or vinyl. They are often considered sleek, elegant, and unencumbered by ornate and unnecessary detail. Expect high ceilings and an embrace of a clean, pristine living space!

Cottage house plans feature cozy, small scale homes with a storybook charm. They can come in a variety of styles and are best known for their unique character. These homes typically range between one and two stories and feature front porches and beautiful bay windows. These quaint homes are best used today as vacation homes or residences on narrow lots.

The traditional architecture of Country House Plans has been a hot-selling style among today’s homebuyers. These family-friendly houses fit perfectly within a rural or suburban landscape. Country homes often feature inviting porches, gables, shuttered windows, and a beautiful blend of traditional home styles that will make you feel right at home.

There is something about an inviting courtyard that brings life to a home. Our beautiful Courtyard House Plans are built around central courtyards where you can enjoy the peaceful outdoors in privacy and comfort. These homes can be built to feature many different housing styles to suit your tastes while providing the outdoors environment you crave. Bask in the sunlight, enjoy the crisp waters of a private swimming pool, or cultivate your own lush environment!

Favoring natural materials such as wood and stone, Craftsman House Plans embrace the Victorian style while still subtly capturing the American spirit. Common traits include a low-pitched, gabled roof, full or partial porches held up by columns and pedestals. These homes are perfect for families and blend well in rural and suburban settings.

Distinctly recognizable by their steep and complex roof, a brick, stucco, and/or stone facade, and ornate windows, European house plans embody a classically sophisticated style. Get a taste of the Renaissance with towers and turrets, or embrace a more modern rendition with subtle nods to the Old World. Many homeowners quickly fall in love with these stunning tributes to some of history’s most memorable and awe-inspiring architectural styles.

Capture the exotic Mediterranean flare with our array of Florida house plans. Inspired by the history and influence of our home state, these homes feature shallow, sloping roof tops and verandas, and windows that welcome the Sunshine’s State’s famous breezes. Every day feels like a vacation when you’re sipping lemonade on the porch of a house made for paradise. Great for seasonal homes, beach homes, or simply…home.

Known for its curving arches and soft lines, French house plans bring elegance to the estate. It’s style has a distinct nod to the old manors found upon the rural French countryside. Classic and warm, these designed speak of sophistication that nestles well within neighborhoods and rural properties alike.

Brought over in America’s colonial era from England, it echoes the Colonial style but on a much larger scale. Georgian house plans are typically used for large estates and can be recognized by their multiple, symmetrical windows and ornate central door most often framed by a columned porch. The design is typically two stories and takes on a box-like shape that will remind you of the old Georgia plantations. Over the centuries, the Georgian style has remained a popular design.

Stucco exteriors, barrel tile roofs, courtyards, arched windows, and raised entryways are trademark details of the Mediterranean and Tuscan style house plans. Stone and terracotta details reminiscent of Italy’s famous city of Tuscany and its artistic heritage. Other influences include Spain and France. These homes range dramatically in size and detail, and are popular as family residences.

Born from the Prairie School of architecture, Midwestern house plans originate exactly where they sound: in the American midwest. Known for its strong horizontal lines and natural colors, the Midwestern style is often fused with many others, including Ranch, Traditional, and Craftsman. Most of these homes have a low-pitched roof.

Born from the Prairie School of architecture, Midwestern house plans originate exactly where they sound: in the American midwest. Known for its strong horizontal lines and natural colors, the Midwestern style is often fused with many others, including Ranch, Traditional, and Craftsman. Most of these homes have a low-pitched roof.

The box-like style of Northern house plans are easy to recognize, and popular within suburban environments. It is often fused with other architectural styles, such as Ranch and Craftsman, and can feature different sidings or a combination of them, including panel, wood, and brick.

Olde Florida
Olde Florida house plans bring with them a rustic charm and a taste of Florida’s early history. The original “Olde Florida homes” were found in the central part of the state such as Wauchula and Arcadia. Some of the more modern designs may incorporate a Spanish flavor to the design and warm Mediterranean colors. The interior is designed to be utilitarian.

Revisit America’s pre-Civil War era with Plantation house plans. These beautiful estates were common among Southern landowners post-Louisiana Purchase in the very early 1800’s. You can still find many of these homes throughout the Southeast, each one boasting of symmetry, central entryways, balconies, evenly spaced windows, and balconies. Plantation homes take on the influence of a couple of different styles, including Greek Revival, Federal, and Neoclassical. These days many designs bring the Plantation style into the modern era by blending it with modern materials and new influences, giving this old, historical style a fresh look.

Typically one story, ranch homes are simply divided into two wings: a living wing and a sleeping wing. Ranch house plans also are known for their low-pitched roof, horizontal layout, and open floor plan. They make perfect “starter” homes with affordable building costs due to their simplistic design.

Shelter Floor Plans
Just because it’s a tiny shelter built to serve a specific function doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have style! Our shelter floor plans incorporate various styles and modern elements to create stunning tiny homes and shelters suited for outdoors retreats. Enjoy the inspiration and style of these remarkably simple yet alluring designs.

These house plans are composed of an array of design, all of which are popular amidst the American “South.” From proud plantation estates to cozy cottages, cabins, and colonial designs, you’ll find that each style has its own personality and subtle nods to the era and place that made them popular. Choose a modernized Southern house plan or a more classic style. Whatever suits your tastes, we have it.

Southwestern/Santa Fe
Embrace the desert influence of Southwestern and Santa Fe house plans. Built using wood, brick, and stucco materials, these homes embrace details common in Native and Spanish abodes. They are typically low-rise, using two stories at most, with asymmetrical rooms that tend to embrace the outside landscape.

More lavish than the Santa Fe and Southwestern styles, Spanish house plans embrace expansive floor plans, ornate details, as well as archways, wrought iron, turrets, and towers. However, a modern touch has brought a few “downsized” options for this design that are perfect for single homeowners or small families. Choose a Spanish house plan with a subtle cultural influence or something more exotic. Most common in Florida, California, and Texas, these homes are undeniably charming.

Bring the rustic charm of America’s early days to today’s modern era with Traditional house plans! Influenced by European, Colonial, and Country design elements, traditional homes range anywhere between one to three stories tall, with multiple siding options, including wood, brick, stucco, and stone. Bring back the comforts of warm sunrooms, traditional dining rooms, roaring fireplaces, and a kitchen made for cooking meals and serving guests.

If you love grandiose features and elaborate ornamentation inside and out, Victorian house plans may hold the design you’re seeking. From towers and turrets to complex rooflines and decorative spindles, these beautiful homes speak of class and a love for artistic detail. This design can be complemented by stone, wood, or brick siding.

West Indies
Originating from the British Caribbean colonies of the late 18th century, the West Indies house plans are based on designs most commonly seen in the British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Barbados, and other isles. They’re constructed to embrace the beautiful outdoors through covered porches and abundant windows. Wooden verandahs, cathedrals ceilings, and traditional railings are some of their most distinct features. They’re commonly built with stucco and/or siding.


Ordering a house plan on Distinctive House Plan’s website is extremely easy! After browsing through our spectacular collection, you simply follow our 6-Step purchasing guide. Within the next 24 to 48 hours, you will have your order shipped or e-mailed to you via the information you provided.

Keep in mind that every state and local county has its own building codes, so if you have any questions about whether a certain design qualifies, simply give us a call at 800-620-6370 between the hours of 8am and 5pm EST Monday through Friday. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have!